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Castle Rock Blooms Goals 2023

Castle Rock Blooms - Volunteers, aka 'The Bloom Team' are the heart of CRB. The ‘team’ is actively volunteering 12 months a year.

Major goal: to secure a downtown location to house CR Blooms supplies and serve as a launching space for Blooms projects and events. - Cost: > $10,000

For 2023 Castle Rock entered the America in Bloom competition for the 12th year! Our goals are:

  1. To continue providing garden/landscape, flower and seasonal container beautification to Castle Rock’s downtown and uptown business districts.
  2. Continue to maintain city park landscapes/streetscapes and municipal gardens at City Hall, the Post Office and the Visitor Center
  3. Continue mentoring CRHS-FFA and Horticulture Students to grow the city baskets and providing assistance with the school orchard and the school gardens at CRES and CRMS.
  4. Continue to provide assistance with the restoration of Jackson Pioneer Cemetery with local DAR committee
  5. Continue to expand and maintain the NCRA Rock Pavilion Landscape at North County Recreation Complex

Large projects for 2023:

  1. Assist city and Mt St Helen’s Motorcycle Club with the creation and installation of entrance landscape to Castle Rock on the west side, (411 by Four Corners).
  2. Upgrade and renovation of Lion’s Pride Park as part of the proposed extension of lampposts and safe walking path to Larsen Lane.
  3. Update plant identification signs in the Proven Winners Signature Garden with more comprehensive information and a QR-code to better share information and attract more traveling visitors. Propose a CR Blooms sign to be installed by the bench with QR code that takes the viewer to the CRCDA website and info about community business and floral displays uptown and downtown.
  4. Expand the America in Bloom criteria “Celebrating Heritage” with new interpretive signs on the Riverfront Trail. Install interpretive plaques on historically significant buildings. Complete a historical landmark walking map and provide tours and events about Castle Rock’s history throughout the year

Castle Rock Festival of Lights

Castle Rock: Where Past, Present and Future Come Together

Castle Rock is a wonderful place to live, work and play. It’s a community where the people are as resilient and vibrant as the natural features that surround their home; a place where life-long residents and visitors alike feel they are part of the same tight-knit family.

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